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Reader to reader: Early age communion a hot topic

In May (page 8) "Reader to Reader" asked for your questions about sacramental practices. We received two questions, but 28 of you commented on articles in The Lutheran that discussed The Use of the Means of Grace, the first draft of the ELCA's sacramental practices statement. First, your questions:

When I asked our pastor to baptize our grandson he refused and said our son and his wife should join a church. Why?

Most likely your pastor saw this baptism as disconnected with the community of faith to which baptism joins us, said Karen Ward, associate director of worship in the ELCA Division for Congregational Ministries. Baptism incorporates us into the Christian community, but how can this be a reality if the parents are not members of that community and will not keep the baptismal promises to nurture the child in the faith?

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