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Ministry in daily life theme 'powerful'

Bravo to The Lutheran.I think the "Ministry in daily life" theme section (January, page 8) is one of your finest. The pictures are great. What a well-done piece.

                                                                                                                              Susan Preece
                                                                                                                             Atlanta, Ga. (via LutherLink)

Your focus on ministry in daily life was powerful throughout! I've believed in Christ most of my 51 years, but came late to fully understanding and valuing my own significance and responsibility in sharing his message of grace, forgiveness and redemption. That serving the Lord is an ongoing ability given by God through Christ and the Holy Spirit to each and every believer. A vibrant stream of love, nourishment and strength that can fill us, then overflow into all we do and say!

Susan Huju
Bigfork, Minn.

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