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  • The Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod passed a resolution to give love, compassion, care and to be welcoming to those with AIDS.

  • The Northwest Washington, Rocky Mountain, Southwestern Minnesota, Greater Milwaukee, La Crosse Area, Upper Susquehanna, Metropolitan Washington, D.C., and Allegheny synods encouraged churches to teach and practice nonviolence. Delaware-Maryland Synod delegates urged the ELCA to establish a task force to help stem the tide and break the cycle of violence.

  • The North/West Lower Michigan Synod urged members to attend global mission and anti-racism events. It also passed a resolution opposing the proliferation of legalized gambling.

  • The Southern Ohio Synod challenged its congregations to participate in the ELCA Hunger Appeal through a $5 contribution per baptized member.

  • Metropolitan New York Synod delegates asked ELCA staff to inform congregations on the ethics and economics of workfare programs.

  • The Oregon Synod requested the ELCA Church Council to instruct the Division for Church in Society to review the End-of-Life Decisions statement in light of the Oregon state Death with Dignity Act.

  • The South Carolina Synod adopted three resolutions encouraging congregations to be more accessible and inclusive to people with physical or emotional disabilities and to advance ministry with the deaf. The Chicago Metropolitan Synod approved funding new and existing deaf ministries.

  • The Nebraska Synod will continue to stand by those in need during disasters and to keep giving to, and volunteering for, ELCA disaster relief.

  • Montana Synod delegates resolved that congregations commit to helping build one Habitat for Humanity house within the next three years.

  • The Delaware-Maryland Synod asked the ELCA Division for Church in Society to develop a social statement regarding the commercial, medical and ethical uses of cloning.

  • The Upper Susquehanna Synod urged the U.S. government to reconsider its decision to not sign a ban on the production, sale and use of land mines. It also urged the government to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. South-Central Synod of Wisconsin delegates supported the U.S. government's condemnation of India's and Pakistan's nuclear tests.

  • The East-Central Synod of Wisconsin and Greater Milwaukee Synod urged state members of Congress to support the president's proposal for the food stamp program to legal immigrants.

  • The Central/Southern Illinois Synod resolved to develop a proposal for licensed lay ministers to be presented at its 1999 assembly.

  • Among the synods affirming Lutheran Men in Mission were Northwestern Pennsylvania, Lower Susquehanna, Montana, Southwestern Texas, Southwestern Minnesota and Northwest Synod of Wisconsin.

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