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Synod starts lay school of ministry

South-Central Synod of Wisconsin members no longer have to head to Chicago or the Twin Cities to attend seminary. The synod started a Lay School of Ministry, primarily for those seeking certification as an associate in ministry.

Phyllis Wiederhoeft, assistant to the bishop, says the school aims to meet two needs: "We get 10 to 15 requests each year from people seeking associate in ministry certification but aren't able to go to classes at one of our seminaries.

"Three to four churches each year would like to consider adding staff in this area. We have a good deal of difficulty finding AIMs. Those who go through seminaries are usually not mobile, so we need to groom our own."

Wiederhoeft says the school also is open to people who want to take courses for their personal enrichment.

Courses include Old and New Testament studies, Lutheran confessions and systematics, history of Christianity, worship, faith formation, ethics and programmatic ministries. For more information, contact the synod at (608) 270-0201.


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