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Gettysburg student charged with murder

A vigil was held at Gettysburg [Pa.] College after a student and his girlfriend were accused of murdering their newborn child.

Brian Peterson, a freshman at Gettysburg, and his girlfriend, Amy Grossberg, both 18, have been accused of first-degree murder. Grossberg gave birth in a Newark, Del., motel room on Nov. 12. She was later hospitalized for complications from the birth. When questioned by authorities, she told them about the baby and that Peterson had helped her.

The infant boy's body was found the next day in the motel's dumpster with its skull fractured.

Grossberg was arrested, but Peterson remained at large for more than a week until turning himself in, accompanied by his parents and attorney.

More than 300 people attended the vigil, held at the college chapel. The Gettysburg administration, in an effort to help students cope with the tragedy, notified students that counseling is available either through the professional counseling center on campus or through the staff of the residence life department.

The counseling center staff made plans to go to some of the classes that Peterson attended to allow people to share their thoughts and feelings. According to school records, Peterson is Roman Catholic.

In Delaware the death penalty is automatic in cases involving the willful killing of a victim younger than 14 years old.


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