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Visiting the Holy Land at knee level

Timothy Sailors used to go on vacation to relax. Not last year. He spent two weeks digging — at the excavation of the Israeli port city of Yavneh-Yam. The site is important in understanding the degree to which Hellenism and Judaism influenced early Christianity.

"At Yavneh-Yam we are able to see the presence of Greek life and thought mingled with Second Temple Judaism," said Sailors, 21, a member of Pontoppidan Lutheran Church, El lendale, Minn. He recently graduated from Wheaton [Ill.] College with a major in biblical history and theology.

He joined the dig as a volunteer with EarthCorps, the field crew of Earthwatch, a non-profit ecological organization. EarthCorps dispatches scores of people looking for a unique vacation across the country and around the world to assist scientists. Archaeology is just one of several project areas.

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