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It's a wrap

TV crew follows quilts from Minnesota church to Angola

By the time the closing credits rolled, more than just a documentary had been wrapped up. A crew from WDAY-TV in Fargo, N.D., followed Lutheran World Relief quilts in October from North Buffalo Lutheran Church, Moorhead, Minn., to Luena, Angola. The documentary:

Honored quilters. Reporter Kevin Wallevand, whose great-grandmother and grandmother are still "serious" quilters, said the documentary thanks "the dedicated volunteers who get nothing in return. Telling their stories was an honor."

Sends a message. Londa Ingebretson, a quilter from North Buffalo, said the documentary showed the value of the quilts. "Hopefully this show will encourage people to share with others, to give of their time," she said.

Many viewers saw this message. Wallevand said the station was flooded with calls and letters after the show aired. The message will get a wider audience in March through an LWR videotape (call: (800) 597-5972).

Provides hope. In Luena, the quilts wrap the victims of war, land mines and poverty in warmth. You can help by sending donations to: ELCA World Hunger Appeal, P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764.


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