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Texas church is built on prayer

Living Word Lutheran, Katy, Texas, literally "founded their church on prayer."

As construction began on the church, parishioners wrote prayers that were placed in a small cylinder and bu ried beneath the foundation.

"We wanted to find a tangible way to focus people's attention away from the building and onto our congregation's ministries," said member Mark Probst. "We also wanted to generate renewed excitement for our churc h's mission and vision. It worked."

People wrote petitions of many kinds--personal concerns, thanksgivings and requests for God's blessing on the congregation's work. Prayers from the vacation Bible school were included too.

O ne of the weekly prayer groups gathered at the site the day the foundation was poured. The group prayed for the construction workers' safety, for an "on-time and on-budget" project and for God's blessing on present and future ministries. The prayers are buried underneath the altar.


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