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Stirring carols

Bravo toPastor Klafehn for his thoughts on rediscovering Christmas as a season rather than a single day (December, page 57). Many times I hear people in church longing to sing the beloved Christmas carols more than the few times we get to sing them in the fervor to reclaim Advent. Perhaps a good compromise would be to adjust the season in some manner as the "Reader's Viewpoint" suggests. With today's families being so mobile, it's true that as family units we often have to adjust holidays to fit our schedules. If we celebrated the 12 days of Christmas as six days befor e and six after Christmas, most of us would in fact get to celebrate as a family in church whether or not the date is Dec. 25. Klafehn was right to point out that we don't know the exact date of Christ's birth, so why not recognize that and rejoice in the Christmas season rather than the Christmas date?

Mary E. Danielson-Gates
Kenyon, Minn. (via Internet)

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