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Anglicans affirm Porvoo agreement

The Church of England formally celebrated the Porvoo Declaration, which brings Anglicans and Lutherans into full communion in the British Isles, the Nordic and Baltic countries. The declaration was celebrated by a worship service in London's Westminster Abbey Nov. 28, attended by Queen Elizabeth II, head of the Church of England.

At the service Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey called the agreement "a historic step toward the unity of Christ's one holy, catholic and apostolic church for which we long."

The ELCA was represented by Ralph Kempski, bishop of the Indiana-Kentucky Synod. Kempski said, "To be at a service that brought together churches that have been apart since the 16th century was a privilege and a joy. Gathering around the altar and practicing full communion was a visible symbol of that which the Porvoo agreement stands for."

Also present was Walter Bouman, a professor at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, who was part of the U.S. Lutheran-Episcopal dialogue.


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