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Venture Bible from Augsburg Fortress

Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, offers Bible software called Venture Bible. It allows users to highlight favorite passages and paste verses into word processing applications. The package includes the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha, seven maps, timelines and introductions to every book of the Bible.

The software was designed to be "very intuitive," said Shane Groth, director of the Vanture Group at Augsburg Fortress. "We wanted to make it familiar so it's not a big jump to go from your printed Bible to a computer version."

The "sticky notes" function allows users to write notes in the margin for future reference. Venture Bible also offers key word and thesaurus searches. A thesaurus search might identify all the verses that refer to a house, home, dwelling or abode. Pastors might appreciate add-on modules of the Book of Concord and Proclamation, a series that interprets the Scripture texts read each week during worship.

Available for both IBM-compatible and Macintosh computers, the basic Venture Bible software costs $69.95. The Book of Concord add-on module is $39.95.


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