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Tietjen, leader in Lutheran unity, dies

John H. Tietjen, 75, known for his dedication to Lutheran unity and his role in the formation of the former Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches and the ELCA, died Feb. 15 of cancer in Fort Worth, Texas.

"When the history of 20th century Lutheranism in America is written, John Tietjen will receive a full chapter ...," said Martin E. Marty, ELCA pastor and historian. "His writings on Lutheran unity will remain as references, but it's the effect of his life that will be felt most profoundly and most durably. ... I never saw him as anyone who put less than full faith in the gospel and full energy into the work of Christ's church.

"He did not seek to be controversial, but he was drawn into front-line leadership in the 1970s and played a role in the formation of the ELCA."

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