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Board of Pensions trustees Minneapolis, Feb. 27-29.
• Discussed the board's health and wellness initiatives and learned that more than 6,700 individuals are registered on the www.elcaforwellness.org site. Heard about possible incentives for plan members who sign and follow through on a wellness covenant.
• Approved "in concept" a recommended 2005 health plan design that will a) move the board closer to its goal of cost-sharing so eventually the plan pays 80 percent of medical costs and plan members pay 20 percent, and b) strengthen the plan's preventive benefits and its emphasis on health and wellness. The action followed lengthy discussion on how to provide for member cost-sharing and on the percentage of income members with lower compensation would pay for deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses compared to those with higher compensation.

Division for Congregational Ministries board Chicago, Feb. 20-22.
• Laid out a short-term strategic plan, discussing in small groups common themes such as discipleship and renewing congregations.
• Approved a proposal for stewardship services to address how this ministry is positioned in the churchwide organization.

Division for Church in Society board Chicago, Feb. 26-28.
• Approved the message "Living in a Time of Terrorism" and recommended its adoption by the Church Council.
• Approved the social policy resolution on "The Donation of Organs, Tissue and Whole Blood" and recommended its adoption by the Church Council.
• Requested that unit staff prepare a social policy resolution on genetically modified organisms for board review.
• Recommended that the Church Council approve four corporate social responsibility issue papers: "For Peace in God's World: Human rights"; "Sufficient Sustainable Livelihood for All: Codes of Conduct"; "Freed in Christ: Nondiscrimination in Business Activities"; "For Peace in God's World: Violence in Our World."
• Affirmed the Lutheran World Federation's February statement on the Israeli security wall, joining the LWF and the World Council of Churches in calling for an end to the construction. (See www.elca.org/dcs/ for all documents.)


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