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Multiplier effect

Since The Lutheran told Warren Miller's story last year about providing artificial legs for Salvadorans who lost their limbs to land mines, readers have helped him continue his ministry with gifts of $32,978. Each new leg and shoe costs $400.

After we told you about Sally Ketchum's practical guide for parents and students, Super Student/Happy Kid!, she received orders for several thousand copies of the book. "My daughter-in-law who is becoming a teacher borrowed it before I could finish it," one woman wrote. "My daughter who is already a teacher gleans from its content."

When we wrote about the Ephphatha Center of Lutheran Special Education Ministries of Detroit, it received 10 requests for information. We know that some of the 750 congregations that became partners with churches and people in need after the Red River valley floods were motivated because of what they read here (see also, pages 32-33).

We are delighted that our pages can help this sharing take place. This multiplier effect is a kind of value-added gift that The Lutheran and you, its readers, make possible. As we think about our many blessings this Christmas, we thank you for the community this magazine creates. This links us together in so many meaningful ways. May your days of grace and peace this Christmas multiply bountifully.


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