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LWF head responds to Reformed overture

"The climate is right for Lutheran-Reformed cooperation on a global scale," said Lutheran World Federation General Secretary Ishmael Noko. "The LWF membership, which includes both Lutheran and Reformed churches, is first and foremost interested. But we must respect that LWF member churches in different regions of the world are at different levels of relationship with their Reformed neighbors."

Noko was responding to comments made by Milian Opocensky, general secretary of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, who in August suggested his organization should grow into "full communion" with the LWF.

Noko cited several regional examples of formal Lutheran-Reformed relationships including the most recent: the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and three Reformed churches entering full communion.

"We cannot talk as if these agreements apply to churches throughout the world," Noko said. "When it rains in your village, please remember it's not raining all over the world."


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