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Who is the Cosmic Christ?

In the first few centuries after Jesus' resurrection, the community of believers described the meaning of the Easter events in many ways. These efforts are called Christology, which is the term used to describe the study of the person and work of Christ.

In the early church, Christ was seen as the ransom for sin, the sacrificial lamb and the model of the life in God. Each Christology celebrated the gift of God in Jesus Christ for our salvation. In their diversity, all agreed that the foundation of salvation was in the origins of creation. God made humanity and the cosmos, and God saves humanity and all of the cosmos.

In our modern faith and church practices, this connection to the cosmos has been lost. The Word of God in Jesus Christ was reduced to something that God said to the human alone. We celebrate our salvation, our forgiveness, our Savior — ignoring the rest of God's creation.

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