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Joint ELCA-Episcopal commitment

Theodore F. Schneider, bishop of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Synod, and Richard F. Bansemer, bishop of the Virginia Synod, joined six Episcopal bishops in a pastoral letter that was sent to Lutheran and Episcopal congregations in Virginia.

Noting the status of the Episcopal-ELCA full communion document, the September letter said, "We call upon the national leadership of both churches to persevere in the search for 'full communion' by moving quickly to undertake the necessary steps to further this urgent conversation."

In October a similar letter with the Episcopal Bishop of Washington was sent to the Metro D.C. Synod's non-Virginia congregations.

Congregations in the Lower Susquehanna and Upper Susquehanna synods received similar letters signed by their bishops and the Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

Members of the Episcopal-Lutheran Dialogue of Kentucky sent a letter to the ELCA Church Council, the Conference of Bishops and Presiding Bishop H. George Anderson pledging daily prayer for both churches and offering themselves as a resource as the ELCA works toward full communion with the Episcopal Church.


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