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Our church & homosexuality

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"Our church and homosexuality" (February, page 12) was presented in question-and-answer format with James Childs (director for studies on sexuality) responding to questions concerning same-sex unions. In the article, Childs states: "Where the question becomes one for discussion ... is not whether or not we accept the judgment of the Bible but whether or not the Bible is speaking to homosexual relationships in our modern-day understanding of homosexual orientation." If we decide the Bible is archaic concerning homosexual relationships, then everything else is outdated and doesn't apply. Would that be true for everything else the Bible speaks about as a sin? Prostitution, murder, lying? I don't think so. The Bible's words speak as clearly to us today as to the early Christians and ancient Hebrews.

Laura K. Metheny
Brenham, Texas

It's time we recognize that the question of homosexuality in the church is not one question but two. The first is: Should we include and even invite homosexuals to participate in worship, faith studies and other activities of the church? To this I would answer, "Of course." It would be hypocrisy to exclude any group on the grounds that we believed them to be sinners. The best thing for anyone is to hear sound, godly teaching and learn and grow because of it. The second question: Is homosexuality sin? All of our opinions and studies don't matter one penny's worth in making this decision. It's not our opinion that matters; it's God's opinion. We make our decision by human lights at the peril of our souls. The best we can do is prayerfully try to learn what God's opinion is in this matter and act accordingly.

Bruce Koerner
Red Wing, Minn.

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