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Poll: No news is good news

This news adage could be the headline of a Gallup Poll taken last fall: Members of U.S. faith communities are engaged in their congregations at the same level as last year.

The percentage is 28 percent, but the good news is that it hasn't changed — despite war, economic struggles, rapid social change and political polarization. Fifty-six percent of respondents consider themselves "not engaged" and 16 percent are "actively disengaged."

As Gallup explains it: Engaged members are loyal and psychologically connected to their congregations. Those not engaged may worship regularly but aren't so connected. The actively disengaged are unhappy and tell everyone why.

Engaged members say they're more satisfied with their lives, are more likely to invite someone to church, serve the community, and give 1.5 times more than those who aren't engaged and three times as much as the actively disengaged.


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