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75 years of Paradise

When Paradise Falls Lutheran Association was begun in 1922, the 425 acres in the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania with its woodlands, trout streams, lake and wildlife were a dream come true for many Lutheran pastors and lay people.

Over the years the summer religious center hosted conferences and Sunday worship. Summer vacations were enjoyed, a girls' camp organized and cottages built.

Today 87 cottages make up "P.F.," as it's affectionately called. Thirty-four cottages house year-round residents.

A week of festivities in late summer celebrated P.F.'s 75th anniversary with worship services at the base of the falls, an old-fashioned community day and 40-piece band, a hayride, water olympics and banquet.

Each summer season begins with a covered-dish picnic so friends can get reacquainted. A similar picnic ends each season, including a candlelight service at Lake Crawford for prayer and thanksgiving.


Rebecca Epps

Rebecca Epps

Posted at 9:47 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/7/2010

Please help.  I am looking for Paradise Girls Camp from the 1930's

Does it still exist?  I am asking for an elderly lady who used to attend it when she was young.  I would like to tell her what has become of the camp. 

Sincerley,  Rebecca



Posted at 5:11 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/22/2010

Hello Rebecca,

The hurricane in late summer of 1955 took out the girls camp totally. It did other damage at PF as well. Down stream the raging waters ripped out the old state route 90 and killed many people. I walked through thegirls camp ground the following year...it was 100% gone.




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