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'Letters from Jerusalem'

Thank you for "Christmas letters from Jerusalem" (December, page 42). We need to hear the testimony of Palestinian Lutherans who tell us that "Israel's treatment of Palestinians is no less than the white South Africans' treatment of black South Africans in yesteryears" (page 44). While affirming security for Israel, many of us are persuaded that there will be no long-term peace and security for anyone in that part of the world until there is equality and justice for the Palestinian people who have been dispossessed and oppressed by Israel with the support of U.S. tax dollars.

Lowell O. Erdahl
Roseville, Minn.

Bishop Munib Younan says, "Hotels are empty of tourists or pilgrims." Samir Said writes, "Tourism keeps bread on our tables. But now tourists are afraid to visit." It isn't Jewish terrorists or Israeli car bombs that are postponing my planning for a seventh pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Lutheran's anti-Israel bias is unfair and uncalled for.

Susan P. Borsuk
Glen Burnie, Md.

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