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* Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, Richmond Heights, Mo., is disbanding and donating the proceeds from the sale of its property to other ministries, including Lutheran Ministries Association and Lutheran Family and Children's Services.

* Vandals attacked Calvary Lutheran Church, Rio Linda, Calif., twice, spraying its walls with graffiti containing racial slurs and references to a known white-supremacist street gang. The congregation's president, who is African American, is believed to be the target of the racial slurs, church officials told authorities.

* Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Chicago, received a 1997 Faith in Community award from Inspired Partnerships, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that helps religious congregations care for and use older houses of worship for community service. The church, cited in the "Best Stewardship" category, converted its original 1914 sanctuary into "the world's smallest gym" for its youth ministry and vacation Bible school.

* Evangelical Lutheran Church, Worthington, Pa., prepared a "Family Tree" to mark its 150 years of ministry. The tree's leaves give the name of every person baptized in the church since 1847.

* Members of Crown Lutheran Church, Seattle, operated the Smokey Point Rest Stop coffee concession on Interstate 5 to raise money for the church's roof fund.

* St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Lockbourne, Ohio, donated enough money to buy 189 pillows for the local men's shelter. The congregation responded to a report that many homeless men had neck and back problems due to sleeping on mats on the floor without pillows.

* Don Bein, a member of Kingo Lutheran, Milwaukee, keeps the congregation's college students connected to home by computer. He collected the students' E-mail addresses and regularly sends them messages and greetings.

* Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Tucson, Ariz., held an adult version of vacation Bible school with a global mission theme. Participants learned about ELCA mission work in Lithuania and Senegal, colored a banner with the Great Commission and made a quilt for Lutheran World Relief.

* Community Lutheran Church, Las Vegas, held its annual parking lot sale, raising more than $14,000. An acre of clothes and other goods are sold each year, with many of the proceeds going to community ministries. Items that aren't sold are donated to other charities.


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