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Findin' grace in Texas

New congregation not afraid to be Lutheran

It only takes an hour when eight people show up to prepare the worship space at Messiah Lutheran Church in Weatherford, Texas. About 100 chairs need to be set up, as well as tables for Sunday school, a coffee pot, altar ware, hymnals and church paraphernalia for visitors. Most of the year, these trusty Texans meet at 5 p.m. Saturdays to transform a community room at the Weatherford Senior Center into a sanctuary.

Such is the life of a mission congregation.

But Franz Schemmel, pastor of this 5-year-old congregation, is grateful for the little things. "I'm always looking for things to be thankful for," he says. "There are plenty of mission congregations that have to load their stuff off a trailer every week. We're allowed to keep our items here."

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