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Traveling to a new world

California church gives Bible school students a hands-on experience

For one week, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Fountain Valley, Calif., is converted into a new world, where children are transported to another place and time.

This world allows youth to experience firsthand the summer's Bible school lessons. At one interest center, for example, youth can view the pit that Joseph was thrown into by his brothers.

The centers are based on the year's Bible school theme. Once members make plans for the rooms, the call goes out for building supplies. Many items are borrowed; some are donated. Little is bought beyond things like paint.

Construction beg ins the week before Bible school, with volunteers giving time when they can.

Voting booths are among the most important construction materials. They are cut open and used to line the walls, and sometimes ceilings, of the Sunday school rooms . On these cardboard walls the volunteers paint the scenery that begins the transformation process.

Then the group has to figure out things like how to get Daniel into a realistic looking lion's den.

Costumed characters are o n hand during Bible school to breathe life into the centers.

This project is a 15-year tradition at King of Glory. Over the years word-of-mouth has kept the classrooms full — a problem the parishioners are happy to have.


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