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Possession problems

Everything belongs to God our life, time, wealth

Q: How do we keep a stewardship program from just being a "beg-a-thon" for money?

A: Christian stewardship is at the heart of our response in faith to God's call and claim. These four principles may be helpful.

1. Everything in heaven and on earth is the Lord's.

2. God is the giver of gifts.

3. God's gift is that we as managers and stewards get to live as givers for others. W

4. The only way that is worth living is the way of a Christian steward.

Q: I'm convinced the issue of homosexuality boils down to how we interpret Scripture, which we should deal with first. What do you think?

A: I agree. But it's too late to deal with the issues separately, so we need to deal with both at the same time. We are committed to being a church that is driven by the biblical witness and informed, formed and transformed by Scripture texts.

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