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Kids get the goat

Youth raise money to help low-income families

By filling ark banks, youth came away with a goat, bees and chicks. But their church won't be turned into a stable.

Youth at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Berkeley, Calif., raised money for Heifer Project International, which donates animals to low-income families in this country and worldwide. The agency helps families become self-sufficient for food and income.

The youth held a bake sale at the church's Advent fair. They made the sweets, too, with help from their parents.

Church members also filled ark banks with coins. Each day for four weeks, people read a hunger fact that ended with instructions such as, "For every cup in your cupboard, add 5 cents to your ark."

At St. Paul Lutheran Church, Greenfield, Mass., youth got the llama. The confirmation class raised money by sponsoring a car wash.
For more information, contact Heifer Project International at (800) 422-0474.


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