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Generosity coach

What a title change can do for you

Jonathan Reitz learned early on that nothing shuts down conversation with the person next to you on an airplane like saying you're a stewardship specialist.

"Those who don't know what it is don't want to talk about it. And those who know what it is really don't want to talk," says Reitz from his cell phone while waiting at the baggage claim in the Philadelphia airport.

So Reitz, who at 37 is the youngest ELCA stewardship staff member by some 12 years, gave himself a new title that's been opening doors and conversations the last year and a half: generosity coach.

"I don't say anything different to people except ‘generosity coach,’ and it's such a different entry point. Now people can't wait to talk," says Reitz, adding that by the end of most airplane conversations people are seriously asking for his advice on how to give.

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