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The Lutheran wins 'Best in Class'

The Lutheran won four awards, including an Award of Merit in the Best in Class category for a denominational general-interest magazine, in the Associated Church Press' 1996 contest.

Other awards the magazine received at the April convention in Chicago are:

Award of Merit

* Devotional/inspirational: "Preparing for the Holy" by Jean M. Blomquist (December 1996).

Honorable Mention

* Letters to the editor.

* Statement of purpose (how the magazine's content fulfills its editorial guidelines).

Managing editor Roger R. Kahle was elected president of ACP.

Lutheran Woman Today received an award of merit for its yearlong Bible study, "Jesus: The Messiah Among Us," by Carolyn Keller.

Lutherans also were recognized at the March convention of the Religious Public Relations Council with 10 awards of excellence and 19 awards of merit.

Those honored include Bonnie Belasic, Sue Edison-Swift and Nancy Stelling of Women of the ELCA; and Tim Frakes, Elizabeth Harris, Sanda Horeis and Irene Stangland of the Department for Communication.

Kathryn Brewer, a Chicago-based designer, won nine awards for her work with the Division for Congregational Ministries, Division for Outreach, Chicago's Luther High School North and Lutheran Home, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Other awards went to Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.; the Board of Pensions; Lutheran World Relief; the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia; Lutheran Southern Seminary, Columbia, S.C.; and Ken-Crest Centers, a social ministry near Philadelphia.


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