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Assembly highlights

Most of the highlights, or rather lowlights, of several assemblies came in areas suffering from recent blizzards and floods. With roads closed in the Rocky Mountain Synod area, the synod adjourned early as 2 to 3 feet of snow fell. In Eastern North Dakota, 167 of the 600 delegates were unable to attend because of flooding emergencies, and those who did participate stayed an extra day because of a blizzard that stranded delegates in their hotels.

On the lighter side, the Northeastern Minnesota Synod held a youth/family event. Some 300 teens joined 500 assembly members for a day of programs on the theme, "Discussions of Fabric of Faith, Weaving the Generations."

At the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod, Peace Lutheran Church, Rogers, Ark., gave a love offering of $60,675 to a new congregation, Christ the King, Bentonville, Ark.


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