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The Diakonia program

Diakonia trains lay people from about a dozen Lutheran churches in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Pennsylvania to bring the gospel out of the church and into the community.

Students are adult members who regularly attend church and demonstrate their leadership. Led by pastors and ministry experts who volunteer their time, students study Bible history, practical ministry and theology during the two-year program. The format includes 12 units of study with five, three-hour sessions per unit.

Weekly homework involves three to five hours of reading or writing. Tuition is about $300 per year plus books, and synods provide some financial aid. In the Metropolitan New York Synod, students can become rostered as deacons, a step that requires a one-year internship and interviews with Diakonia's board.

For more information, contact William Hurst, executive director of Diakonia in the Metropolitan New York Synod, (914) 761-6038, or visit www.metronysynod.com/diakonia.htm.


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