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Wartburg students cost college $52,000 in calls

Personal Identification Numbers assigned to students working for the admissions and development departments at Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa, cost the school $52,000 in illegal telephone calls.

Mike Book, vice president for administration and finance, and Lex Smith, dean of students, speculate that hundreds of students were involved because there were approximately 32,000 calls logged.

"The college showed a great deal of trust in giving students PIN number access," Book was quoted as saying in the college's on-line newspaper, The Trumpet Online. "Students have violated that trust."

The college granted a 10-day amnesty period for guilty students to pay for the illegal calls they made. According to Smith, 130 students turned in amnesty forms by the deadline, accounting for $13,000.

The illegal use was discovered in early January during an internal review of college finances.

Students who don't pay for their calls and are then caught will face felony charges and possible disciplinary action from the college.


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