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Fund offers direct mission giving

Vision for Mission, a fund promoting mission efforts within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, will offer several models of giving this spring.

"We're trying to help people focus on ministry with neighbors near and far," explains ELCA Vice President Kathy Magnus, chair of the ELCA Church Council. "The council sees Vision for Mission as a way of providing stronger ongoing opportunities for ministry."

Magnus says the fund is a supplement to congregations' regular weekly offerings. "As society is focused on designated giving, Vision for Mission allows individuals to be more clear where the dollars are going."

One model in this year's appeal divides offerings into thirds. Eight synods are allocating the funds one-third to local and synod outreach, one third to their overseas companion synod and one-third to churchwide ministries. In other synods donors may split their offering 50/50 between local and churchwide mission.

May 18 is the suggested Vision for Mission Sunday, though congregations may participate at another time.

"I believe God expects us to live in a generous lifestyle," Magnus says. "Using Vision for Mission as part of our stewardship can change us as givers."

For a report on the ministries supported by Vision for Mission, call (800) 638-3522 Ext. 2767 and ask for a copy of the "Making Christ Known" newspaper.


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