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Why hasn't my pastor called?

Pastoral calling is essential to proper care

My husband's alcoholism and constant illnesses were so bad I went to my pastor. He said he didn't have experience with alcohol counseling and looked in the phone book. He didn't pray with me. I did call the number and attended Al-Anon. Six months later my pastor has never called. He asks after the service how I am, but I can't hold up the line. He should see the suffering in my face. I'm disappointed my pastor has not cared. What have I done wrong?

Be rebaptized?

My wife's church requires baptism when people are "of age." To become a member I must be baptized again. If I do, it will be for her sake, and that would be wrong. I would rejoin a Lutheran congregation, but I don't want my children divided between churches. How can I explain that my baptism is accepted by God?

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