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What's happening Holy Week?

7 fun ways youth can learn about the season

From giant crossword puzzles to finding out what's so good about Good Friday, activities abound to ease the spring-break blahs.

Palm Sunday

Two congregations remember the homebound on Palm Sunday. At Zion Lutheran Church, Waynesboro, Va., classes paint flower baskets and fill them with Easter candy. The children deliver the baskets to a local nursing home, where they also sing for the patients.

Youth at Zion Lutheran, Priddy, Texas, deliver food to "golden age residents" (75 and older) from the congregation and community. A fraternal benefit society provides funds to buy the food.

Holy Week
Since Sunday school is canceled on Easter, St. John Lutheran Church, Creston, Ill., holds classes on a Holy Week evening. The event includes baking hot-cross buns, petting a lamb, making butterflies for the sanctuary and reading Bible lessons.

Preschoolers at St. Lucas Lutheran Church, Toledo, Ohio, ride stick donkeys and climb into a dark closet made into a tomb during "Walk through Holy Week."

Storytelling, visual aids, crafts and physical activities teach the youth about Jesus' life, beginning with his ride into Jerusalem and ending with the Resurrection.

Good Friday

Youth at Christ Lutheran Church, Murrysville, Pa., created a life-size crossword puzzle using words from the Good Friday and Resurrection stories. The puzzle was laid out on the fellowship hall floor.

"What's so Good about Good Friday?" was the theme of the first mini-day camp at Bethany Lutheran Church, Ludington, Mich.

Kindergartners through sixth-grade youth meet at the church from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Good Friday. The children learn the Easter story, make crafts, eat pizza and watch a video. The day includes an egg hunt with the Easter bunny.

The first year, the camp attracted 94 children--many from families new to the congregation. The event was advertised through fliers, radio stations and newspapers.


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