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Best in class

The news is so good that we can't wait for you to read it in the back of this issue. The Lutheran has just been named by Associated Church Press as "First Place: Best in Class" for denominational magazines.

The plaque (left) was awarded during ACP's annual convention in mid-April. The judge's citation read: "Newsy, first-rate graphics, great color, good writing. I love the focus on people and faces, celebrating faith one soldier at a time. Cream of the crop. Big, sophisticated, warm."

For obvious reasons, we are pleased. But we're pleased for our church too. The Lutheran staff, made up mostly of editors and designers who are graduates in journalism and design, are devoting their energies to bringing the standards of our professions into the service of the church. Most of us are ELCA members, so when we go to work on Monday, it's after having been with you in our congregations the previous day.

The magazine also won five other awards (see page 52), and several other ELCA publications did too. But it's our first time for the top award (although we were second in the running for it last year). ACP is made up of 169 publications with a combined circulation of 28.4 million.

So we have to ask you to forgive us for bragging a bit. Our peers think we're doing the job, and we hope that you do too!

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