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Jubilee likens heaven to a summertime picnic and reunion

Many views and opinions about heaven exist. In Jubilee (Eerdmans, 2004), author Ellen Yeomans likens heaven to a summertime picnic and reunion.

Heaven can be a hard concept for children. But Yeomans incorporates elements that kids 4 to 8 can understand. Jubilee has "so much for so many" and "they say there's room for more" in a place where all are "glad to be gathered." Kids will feel the welcome in this heaven, where "all joy is to be."

The artwork is full of action and color, bringing life to Jubilee. Youth will feel as if they are part of the singing, dancing, laughing and celebration. And care is given to include all — there are old faces and young and from different ethnic groups.

To order Jubilee, visit www.eerdmans.com/youngreaders or call (800) 253-7521.


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