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Spiritual gifts and the Giver

Discovering our gifts helps us learn 'God really knows who we are'

Neal R. Boese, evangelism consultant for the Southern Ohio Synod, leads spiritual gifts workshops for synods and congregations, and is the author of Spiritual Gifts: The Power That Drives You and the Congregation (Fairway Press, 1995; 800-241-4056). He also co-authored the ELCA's spiritual gifts inventory (see left).

The Lutheran recently talked to Boese about spiritual gifts.

The Lutheran: What are some misconceptions about spiritual gifts?

Boese was skeptical when he first heard about spiritual gifts. At the time, he was a parish pastor studying congregations with sustained growth.

Boese: For me, spiritual gifts [meant] speaking in tongues. The charismatic movement was hitting the church at that moment in a way that was in many respects very negative. The assumption was the Spirit only worked through speaking in tongues and this was the way God spoke to congregations. That was very different from our theology.

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