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We are called to bring wholeness to all God's children

I experienced something in January that struck home in a new way: What happens to my neighbor in India affects me too. We are members of the same global community.

I was part of a delegation from the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, to attend the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India. This was my first time in such a different culture, and I was out of immediate communication with friends and family. I had really stepped outside my comfort zone and into another world. Living in that other world for just a few days gave me a glimpse into the lives of those on the other side of this global equation.

I've studied and worked with many of the issues related to globalization. But attending this forum with thousands of people who live the realities of poverty, war and hunger every day — and being in India where inequality and injustice are constantly and undeniably present — illuminated issues in a way my intellectual study never could.

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