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'Everyone is open in the heart'

"I've always been searching," confides Joni Ost, a 31-year-old marketing analyst who just didn't fit in at the many churches she visited. "I tried them all, but nothing seemed right."

Ost's quest for a spiritual home officially ended Easter Sunday when she became the first person to be baptized at Spirit Garage in Minneapolis.

"What appealed to me about Spirit Garage was that it's nontraditional yet Christian," Ost says. "The combination of the music and the message really speaks to me."

Carol and Charles Grieb find the church welcoming.

"With other churches we attended I always felt like I had to get my life in order before I could attend," Carol says. "Here it's 'Come as you are.' Spirit Garage is a place to assist you in getting your life in order."

"It seems so very open here; it's nonjudgmental," agrees Daniel Polsfuss, who comes with his wife, Penny, and their toddler, Jacob. "There's no criteria for attending. Everyone is open in the heart."


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