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Synod assembly report: Highlights

• Giving was a theme for the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana assembly. The Youth Convo collected canned goods for a food bank. Assembly participants also contributed 18 pints of blood to the Red Cross.

• The South-Central Synod of Wisconsin's offering of midwife and hospice kits totaled 1,922, topping the 2003 offering by 588.

• The Western Iowa Synod recognized 55 people who completed its first Lay School of Ministry, a two-year program to assist lay people to a deeper understanding of Christian identity and participation in the mission of the church.

• The Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod set up three workshops so all could attend and learn about the topics "Pray," "Play" and "Sing."

• In a presentation, Floyd Schoenhals, bishop of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod, reminded the Metropolitan New York Synod assembly about the shared emotional experiences of tragedy. "April 19 (the Oklahoma City bombing) and Sept. 11 began as beautiful days. ... It was a tale of two cities; a tale of two synods. ... We do move on, but we never get over it. ... As long as we live, we continue to discern the meaning of these events for our lives, this church, the nation and the world."

• For the first time, the Florida-Bahamas Synod set up a prayer chapel that saw a steady stream of visitors. It also served as a witness--hotel staff used it too.

The Southern Ohio Synod divided its assembly offerings equally among its companion synod, the East of Lake Victoria Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, and Faith Trek, a program to help youth develop leadership skills.


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