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'Israel had no choice'

In a paper presented at the Israeli Institute of Contemporary Affairs Jan. 15, Israeli Internal Security Minister Uzi Landau said that for many years he was opposed to a separation barrier.

"But after 35 years of living with the Palestinians and facing this blatant, ugly, terrorist wave, Israel had no choice but to put it up," he said. "Palestinian propaganda tries to make the fence the issue and ignores the issue of terrorism that makes the fence necessary."

As the fence was being built on the West Bank outside the Green Line (which he calls by the biblical name of Judea and Samaria), Landau said: "We are building it in our own areas. Judea and Samaria is ours. That is our homeland. The Palestinians don't like it. They say it is theirs. Fine, let's sit and negotiate.

"We are sorry that some Palestinian families were cut off from their fields. We have tried to provide a reasonable solution for this. We had to weigh this inconvenience against seeing Israeli families blown to bits if the fence is not built."

Noting the "huge fence and walls" along segments of the U.S.-Mexican border to stop Mexicans from crossing over illegally, Landau said: "It takes a lot of audacity to come and demand of us not to have a fence, when we have this fence to intercept those who come to commit mass murder."


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