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Barrier to care

The Israeli security wall will hinder the work of a Lutheran hospital and its clinics

Tawfiq Nasser gazes forlornly over the horizon at the encroaching cement barriers. As chief executive officer of the Lutheran World Federation's Augusta Victoria Hospital, he knows those walls soon will cut off the Jerusalem hospital from a large segment of its West Bank patients.

Staff nurse Hawla Zeuiter checks Ani Enjar at the Kharbeta clinic.One section of this Israeli-
constructed barrier is being built up from the East Jerusalem villages of Abu Dis and Azzaria while the other snakes its way down from Bethlehem. Palestinians behind the barrier won't be able to reach the hospital.

"I don't know how to manage in the face of this intimidating reality," Nasser said. "This is a 'to be or not to be' situation. This isn't punishing the terrorists."

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