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May 2000 For the Record

Division for Church in Society board.
Chicago, Feb. 24-26

* Proposed that the ELCA Church Council adopt a resolution on school vouchers developed to help the church's state public policy offices evaluate individual proposals.
* Re-elected Charles Miller as executive director.
* Approved ELCA corporate social responsibility priorities of environment, equity in the workplace, land mines and community reinvestment.
* Endorsed guidelines for ELCA participation in Lutheran World Federation delegations to U.N. meetings and conferences.

Commission for Women steering committee.

Chicago, March 10-12

* Asked the Church Council to support the petition of the St. Paul Area Synod to exempt ELCA rules against ordaining gay or lesbian Lutherans in homosexual relationships on behalf of St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church, St. Paul.
* Nominated Joanne Chadwick for re-election as executive director.

Division for Higher Education and Schools board.
Chicago, March 10-12

* Elected Leonard G. Schulze, 53, director of international education at Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, as executive director. He will succeed W. Robert Sorensen, who retires in June.
* Approved a resolution by the Division for Church in Society board that recommends support of school vouchers based on the each program's merits.

Women of the ELCA board.
Chicago, March 17-19

* Began a process of organizational self-assessment to involve "a wide-ranging look at Women of the ELCA as an organization moving into the future."

Commission for Multicultural Ministries steering committee.
Chicago, March 3-4

* Nominated Frederick Rajan as executive director.
* Approved a budget-increase request of $35,000 for each of the ethnic communities and for racial justice ministries and multicultural education.

Division for Congregational Ministries board.

Chicago, March 24-26

* Re-elected M. Wyvetta Bullock and Mark Moller-Gunderson as executive directors.
* Commended to the Church Council proposed additions and revisions in ELCA worship rites necessitated by full communion agreements.
* Affirmed the "Making Christ Known Through Social Ministry Strategic Plan, 2001-2003"; authorized hiring additional staff to work on it.
* Authorized hiring additional staff to develop worship resources.

Division for Ministry board.

Chicago, Ill., March 10-12

* Re-elected Joseph M. Wagner as executive director.
* Reviewed a draft proposal the ELCA Church Council will consider in April on the feasibility of a possible study on the ordination of gay and lesbian Lutherans.
* Approved Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, Carefree, Ariz., as an partner for ELCA continuing theological education.

Division for Global Mission board.
Chicago, March 17-19

* Adopted minor changes to employment terms and conditions for long-term missionaries.
* Requested a report on the status of ordination and ministries of women in companion churches for its October meeting.
* Approved a relationship with Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry, Minneapolis.


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