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Dr. Abe's house

There's a world of song inside

Dr. Abe likes to begin his music programs, especially those for children, by describing a house. Imagine it's the world, he says, and its rooms are different nations. He makes his listeners feel at home in this house by teaching and performing songs of various countries. Sometimes he wears national costumes as he leads church and school groups to multicultural awareness.

Dr. Abe is Abe Caceres, a musician, composer and ethnomusicologist who has led music programs at the ELCA Global Mission Events. For the 1998 and 1999 events, he formed Kyros with four other ELCA musicians: Karla Cruz of St. Matthew, Renton, Wash.; Bob Foley, with Caceres, of Our Savior, Milwaukee; Tony Machado, pastor of Todos Los Santos Mision, Minneapolis; and Cookie (Romenita) Henderson, minister of music and youth,Truth Evangelical, Lanham, Md.

Kyros made a tape and CD, most of which was recorded live in San Jose, Calif., at a 1998 GME, with the remainder performed by an ecumenical choir in Milwaukee. Kyros Live: The Global Church Sings is a joyful blend of faith music from African, Asian, Caribbean, Bulgarian, African American, American Indian and other traditions. The musicians sing and play instruments including African hand drums, Andean panpipes, Appalachian dulcimer and Chinese gongs.

Some of their music will be familiar and some a pleasant surprise. All is wonderfully singable and invites participation. Conversations recorded during the events make you feel as if you were in the audience. A new release with music from 1999 GMEs is planned for June.

Caceres' company, World House Music, produced the recording. Kyros donates $1 from each sale to charity, including Lutheran World Relief.




Posted at 6:05 pm (U.S. Eastern) 11/19/2008

Is there any update on Abe, and the group? It would be nice to know if it is still a going concern, and if the group is performing still, and where. Thanks!

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