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Snickers: Sit. Pray.

Meet the preacher's famous praying dog

It was one of those rare April days — the sun shining in an almost cloudless sky. The kind of day that draws children outdoors to play, reluctant to go back inside and wringing every minute from the fading daylight.

But up and down the block, not a child was to be found. They were in the Pickett's bathroom where Molly was giving birth to her pups.

They watched attentively as each pup was delivered. Molly's "mom," Sandra Pickett, a nurse, was ready to help, but Molly knew what to do. She licked each pup as it emerged, anxiously but skillfully attending to each.

Now the Picketts didn't believe us when we said our dog, Snuffy, was the father. After all, he was 17, lame, blind and nearly deaf. But they weren't around when Molly came calling at our house. They didn't see Snuffy leap to his feet and run to the door, feet sliding out from under him when he hit the kitchen linoleum, barking all the way.

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