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Started by Shauna Fleming, a student at Lutheran High School of Orange County, Calif., this site's goal is to send a million notes of thanks to present and retired U.S. military service-people. The site provides instructions and guidelines for mailing single and bulk letters, as well as ways for individuals to send their thanks by e-mail.

The Bruderhof Forgiveness Guide is a collection of stories about people who've forgiven great wrongs — from an innocent man who served 22 years in jail to the grandmother of a child severely paralyzed in a car accident and Kim Phuc, who calls herself "that girl" running down a road to escape napalm fire in Vietnam in the famous Associated Press photograph. Maria Hine of Bruderhof says the site is for "anyone unable to forgive, trying to forgive, helping others to find forgiveness or simply curious about the power of forgiveness to transform lives."


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