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ELCA names hunger director

Kathryn Sime began her work as director of the ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal in July, succeeding Lita Brusick Johnson, who held that position from 1998 to 2003.

Sime, a member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Chicago, served as a research analyst for the ELCA Department for Research and Evaluation from 1994 to 2000. Recently she was a consultant for The Alford Group in Chicago.

The income goal for the 2004 ELCA World Hunger Appeal, this year celebrating its 30th anniversary, is $16.25 million. But in the appeal's 25th anniversary year (1999) the Conference of Bishops challenged the church to a visionary goal of $25 million each year.

Calling $25 million a huge goal, Sime said: "In light of the 800 million chronically hungry people in the world, it's a goal that we're called to meet--and exceed. Actually, while $25 million seems daunting, that works out to be $5 per baptized member of the ELCA. I think we can do that.

"The appeal is such a well-loved program of this church that those who are committed to raising money for world hunger are also committed to talking to others about it. We have an army of ambassadors and advocates for the hungry of this world. I'm looking forward to serving with them. With 5 million members and 11,000 congregations, we should be able to raise $50 million."


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