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Difficult trip

Mount Carmel Lutheran Church, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

By exploring the Journey Together Faithfully homosexuality study, Mount Carmel Lutheran Church, San Luis Obispo, Calif., may havse armed its members with a healthy dose of information regarding the various sides of perhaps the most controversial issue in ELCA history.

But the journey through the material also left no doubt that this congregation is one of the church's most divided.

Against the intentions of its lead pastor, Russ Gordon, and a 12-member panel that developed five discussion sessions using the material, several parishioners brought to a vote a resolution that would have supported the ELCA's current position regarding homosexuality.

The ELCA has no policy on the blessing of same-sex unions. In 1993 the Conference of Bishops stated that they did not approve of an official ceremony for such unions (www.elca.org/sr/blessing.homosexual.relations).

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