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Synod assembly Highlights

A festival marked the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod's relationship with the South Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. People made Swahili badges; designed T-shirts and wrote postcards to send to the diocese; sampled foods of Tanzania; and bought African baskets, jewelry and clothing. Area youth joined the fun by break-dancing to the beat of the World Percussion ensemble from Kutztown [Pa.] University.

Several synods supported the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. Upstate New York raised at least $22,721 through "Give an Abe" (a $5 bill). Southeastern Iowa participants brought quarters, raising $3,684, and signed up for a Saturday "hunger meal" — soup and roll. Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill., then donated $4.40 per person to the appeal — $866.80 was raised. The Northwest Synod of Wisconsin's quarter collection raised $52,872.81 — one-third was marked for the ELCA fund and two-thirds will go to feeding stations in Malawi for AIDS orphans.

In a bilingual service, House of Zion Lutheran Church, Woodburn, Ore., was welcomed into the Oregon Synod — its first Spanish-speaking congregation. And in the Allegheny Synod, staff of Camp Sequanota, an ELCA ministry in Jennerstown, Pa., led Saturday worship, where its summer staff was commissioned.

The St. Paul Area Synod has raised more than $125,000 so far for Twin Cities Lutherans Standing With Africa. Seventy-five percent will be directed to the ELCA Stand With Africa campaign. The rest will go to St. Paul Partners, which drills and repairs wells in the Iringa Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, and to two orphanages that have connections with congregations in Iringa.


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