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A letter from a private

While Pfc. Rion Moeller served several months in Iraq this spring, he sent letters home — not just to his parents, Dee and Gary, but to all the members of his congregation, St. John Lutheran, Meyersville, Texas. He's now stationed in California. Here's one of Moeller's letters, received in March.

Thank you for all your prayers for us. Most of us will be home in a few months, but there are a lot of Marines who won't be.

We are committing sins out here, and I hope that God and everyone else will forgive us. I feel that everything I learned in Sunday school and in church is being tested. I remember when I had to say the Ten Commandments and mean them. I am hoping that when this is over, no one, especially God, will look down on me with shame.

The men in this country's army are
really nice, very giving and interesting to talk to. We have it made compared to them, since they are living in tents.

There is nothing in sight but desert — sand and more sand.


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